Nicolaj Møller – My Kitchen

399.00 kr.

Format: Hardback (ISBN: 9788771717792)


At the humble age of 23, Danish Nicolaj Møller Christiansen shows the way to a universe of world class cuisine where exclusive produce and unique sensory impressions are at the forefront. He invites you to embark on a culinary journey to the scenic Treetop Restaurant at Munkebjerg Hotel in Vejlefjord, Denmark.

Nicolaj Møller – My Kitchen is the young head chef’s first cookbook in which he shares his most captivating creations, having excited critics and peers alike.

Containing more than 30 beautifully photographed luxury dishes and suggestions for food presentation, whether you are looking for inspiration or simply enjoy learning about the secrets of modern gastronomy, cooks and gourmet enthusiasts alike will enjoy this unique insight into the modern Scandinavian kitchen.

Yderligere information

Forfatter Nicolaj Møller
Udgivelsesdato 30. juni 2021
Sideantal 180
Udgave 1

E-bog, Hardback